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Basic Dental Cosmetic Problems You Need to Have Fixed

There are literally millions of people all around the world who fails to get their teeth fixed for various reasons, some of which are acceptable excuses. Do you think people who live in a shelter, and at the mercy of charities can afford to think about their teeth, when they can’t even secure a roof over their heads? However, despite how unfortunate some people are. It pays to take note of whether your teeth are healthy or in need of attention. Below are two must know dental cosmetic problems. Don’t you find it annoying to be constantly keeping yourself in check just because you have teeth problems? Of course, you do.

Misaligned and Crowded Teeth

This is a dental problem wherein teeth are overlapping each other because of lack of space. Simply put, it’s either the person has too many teeth or he or she has poor habits during childhood. Examples are incorrect swallowing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking and mouth breathing. The mentioned habits can cause poor development of the jaws that contributes to this dental state.

How to get it fixed:

Misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth are usually fixed by braces, invisalign, oral bands, porcelain veneers or crowns.

Braces and invisalign (invisible braces) take years before they show results of correcting the teeth. Plus, they usually require you to wear wires and plastic aligners. However, if you want to have a quick fix and if the problem is minor, you can settle for instant orthodontics, which only takes between three (3) weeks up to a month. These are porcelain veneers (up to three weeks) and ortho bands (up to 4-8 weeks).

Diastema or Gap between Teeth

You have the so-called diastema or teeth gap when you have an open space in between teeth. Majority of the population around the world suffers this dental condition. If you care to look at people around you, a lot of them have either a wide gap between teeth or a small gap in the front section of their teeth.

Causes of Teeth Gap:

– Biting of the lower lip

– Tongue pressing against the roof of the mouth

– Thumb sucking

How to get it fixed:

It is not that difficult to find treatment or websites that show how to close gaps in teeth. Treatment to close gaps includes oral bands, invisalign, braces and veneers.

Since this type of dental condition is pretty common, I have here a secret that can help tooth-gapped people get an affordable and quick way to fix the gap. What is it?

Orthofill Bands

These are basically oral bands that put gradual pressure on the teeth where the gap is and slowly reposition it to its rightful place. It is available for only $27 for 100 bands, which you can wear for a month and another for permanent closure.

Dental Cosmetics

A lot of dental cosmetic treatments are available from both online and offline. Although I favor Orthofill (because my friend said it worked, and I saw it worked too), for sure you have your own favorite that helped you lessen or close that gap on your teeth or fixed the crooked teeth you once had. Would you care to recommend them to the readers?

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